Training during COVID-19: an overview of different experiences
on February 01, 2021
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NO-FEAR will host a webinar titled “Training during COVID-19: an overview of different experiences” on Monday, 1 Feb 2021, 15:00 (CET).

You may register here.

The webinar is organized by Work Package 5 (Education and training of personnel and volunteers). Speakers will present from Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, Israel, Romania, the US, Kenya, Lebanon, and Australia. They include:

Francesco Della Corte (CRIMEDIM, Italy): Introduction and presentation

Lina Echeverri (CRIMEDIM, Italy): COVID-19 training experiences in Lebanon

Eric Weinstein (CRIMEDIM, Italy) – How to build the plane while flying

Alessandro Lamberti (CRIMEDIM, Italy)– Training in an urban field hospital

Anja Westman (University Hospital of Örebro, Sweden; EMDM, Italy): Lessons learned from COVID-19 training management in Nairobi, Kenya

Catherine Bertrand (Assistance Publique Hopitaux de Paris [APHP], France) – Training EMS and other new human resources

Shafir Botner (Paramedic Education Center, MDA, Israel) – MDA’s activities to train and update staff and volunteers on COVID related issues

Eddy Vershilovsky (PerSys Medical, Waismed LTD, Israel): Medical device training during Covid-19

Ives Hubloue & Sofie Pauwels (VUB – UZ Brussel, Belgium): Lessons learned and actions regarding training during the first and second wave in Belgium

Ervigio Corral Torres (SAMUR – Protección Civil, Spain): How pandemics changed the way of providing training to workers and volunteers

Madalina Dusciuc (Department for Emergency Situations within the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Romania): Training of personnel during Covid -19 pandemic and measures taken by hospitals to minimize the risks of infection among medical staff