NO-FEAR Webinar: Lessons Identified on Ventilation Techniques from the Pre-hospital to the ICU in COVID-19 Management
on April 28, 2020
Many patients affected by COVID-19 require ventilatory assistance, from NIV to mechanical ventilation. This NO-FEAR webinar will discuss some of the lessons identified by practitioners in different countries on ventilation and the protection of Health Care providers while treating these patients.

Objectives of the webinar are provide an overview in:
1. Best practices in oxygenating a patient with COVID
2. Protection of Health Care Providers when ventilating a COVID+ patient

The slides can be accessed here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/z8hw9madj0wj8gu/AACOYRZAjGV1G2c5dkaMZsDPa?dl=0

You can access the webinar here:

The recordings of the webinar are available here:
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