NO-FEAR Webinar: Impacts of the Ukraine crisis on the medical supply chain
on May 11, 2022
On Wednesday 11th May 2022, the NO-FEAR project hosted a webinar on “Impacts of the Ukraine crisis on the medical supply chain”.

This webinar, featuring presentations from the NO-FEAR community and partners, which includes suppliers and practitioners, will provide their experiences and lessons learnt. The presentations will cover issues around the medical supply chain, including counterfeit issues, shortages due to high demand, as well as the impacts of social media on the supply chain among other topics.

Recorded Webinar


Eddy Vershilovsky (Safeguard Medical)
Francesco Pontiroli Gobbi (DG ECHO)
Christopher Frech (Emergent BioSolutions)
Andrea Atzori (CAUMM)
Johanna-Maria Lehtme (NGO Slava Ukraini)